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April 4, 2010 21 Comments

Ok well maybe I’m not going to do the full make over to your website but if you want a critique of your website then leave a comment, join the newsletter or find me on the contact page.

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What can I do for your website?

Link Building
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I can help you add value to your site or make you do your job more efficiently, or at least I think I can. Send me your websites and I will give them the full critique and help you improve your performance.

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21 Comments to “Get a website makeover today”
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  2. judy says:

    The site is almost 3 years old , in dire need of fresh content and new casino info.Not sure how the hell it happened but #153 in for ONLINE Casinos.Literally next to nothing done on the SEO


  3. James says:


    I’m mainly looking to find out why my PageRank is at zero throughout my site. This started last year. I’m obviously being penalized and would like to know why and how I can fix this.

    I also noticed that overnight I dropped over 25 spots for one of my homepage’s main keyword phrases (online gambling).


  4. admin says:

    Sent you an email and will get back to you soon with a full critique

  5. adam says:

    hi, i have a poker tournament website about 6 months old and would enjoy any analysis or critique of it.


  6. bingo man says:

    the site is almos 2 years old, we are redesigning the site and the new design will go live in a week. Will appreciate your review of my site…

  7. pomp says:

    Would really appreciate your help.

  8. John says:

    This site is almost 2 years

    SEO is a nightmare
    The design looks OK but the navigation is bad.
    The HTML code is pathetic and has major issues. The loading time is a problem.
    The site isnt hosted in South Africa even though we targeting this market.

    We rank for some keywords in the south african market but they not strong keywords.

    Back links are low.

    This site needs a complete overhaul and put into some CMS system. Any help is appreciated


  9. admin says:

    Email sent with critique. I hope any of that was helpful.


  10. John Wright says:

    I think if you signup to google’s webmaster tools they will show you why you have penalties on your site

  11. John Wright says:

    Just finished your review and will email you for feedback and approval.

  12. pomp says:

    Many many thanks John much appreciated squire.

  13. pomp says:

    A1 review and critique.

  14. I would like a full review and critique of my site please. I have done as much as I can on my own… im making a little money on what/how im doing, but from here i need more direction!

  15. John Wright says:

    certainly, will help you out

  16. John Wright says:

    will have a look and get back to you with a review

  17. John Wright says:

    sounds like a project but I’ll have a review planned for you soon

  18. Laura says:

    My site is still really new and I am just starting out, I would really appreciate your critique on how I could improve my traffic. I have not had any players signed up yet either. Thanks

  19. John Wright says:

    will add to the queue of sites to critique

  20. Arthur says:

    What am I doing wrong?? Website 18 months old, adding as much content as I can (spare time only), virtually no visitors, and no conversions at all. Aaaaggghhhh!!!!

  21. John Wright says:

    Your critique is in the making

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