epassporte has visa and bank problems

September 4, 2010 No Comments

The online payment processor epassporte.com has sent notices to all of their users that they are experiencing problems with their Visa debit card and that it is disabled. Nobody truly knows what is happening behind the scenes but merchants and affiliates that depend on epassporte are very worried and scrambling to empty funds from their account.

Affiliates concerned about epassporte funds

Affiliates are posting on forums about how they can find ways of getting access to their money. Some affiliates have money on the visa debit card which seems to be frozen. Others are worried about getting the money in the first place out of their epassporte accounts.

Merchants send epassporte notices

Online merchants and operators of affiliate programs are on alert sending notices to their clients and affiliates that they might want to switch their payment methods.

Overall the news doesn’t sound good for the company as it seems that if people can withdraw their balances they will do so completely. This could spell the end of one of the top rated online wallets. It is unknown if this problem has anything to do with Visa or with their banks that may have lost their ability to take out credit.

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