Email Marketing Reviews Part 1

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I had one affiliate ask me a question:

I imagine you’ve got a bit of experience email marketing in the online casino space…interested in consulting at all?

I didn’t have a complete answer to the question but I promised to write an article comparing some of the services and resources available to help affiliates with their email lists. In my experience I have seen many email marketing programs used from both casino operators and affiliates. I started to search for reviews of some of the common programs and I hit a road block instantly. Either some of the review sites are owned by some of these programs or the affiliate comparing the programs are getting more incentives from a program to be listed as the best. Comparison charts are useful but they major ones seem to offer the same features.

So I decided to stop looking online because I felt the recommendations were biased with too many incentives affecting the recommendation. It was time to research what some top affiliates use and get some recommendations from affiliates I know. Now there are too many of these email marketing programs but there are 4 that I kept running into that are used by the top gaming affiliates:

Email Programs Review Visit site
Constant Contact Review Pending Signup
AWeber Review Pending Signup
iContact Review Pending Signup
Vertical Response Review Pending Signup

Each of these programs has approximately the same pricing but the features vary. Below I have made a chart of information I could find to try to compare each program. Hopefully this can help you decide which program is better suited for your needs. I focused on the features that would matter the most to gaming affiliates and only where these features differentiated to highly a program.

Featured Listings

Comparison Chart iContact AWeber Constant Contact Vertical Response
Double Opt-in N/A Yes Yes Yes
Price 25,000 users $149/month $130/month $150/month $150/month
Demographic Segmentation Yes Yes Yes NO
Unicode Support Yes Yes Yes NO
Auto Responders Yes Yes NO NO
Conversion Tracking NO Yes NO Yes
Google Analytics Integration NO Yes NO Yes
A/B Testing NO Yes No Yes


Each program seems identical to me but a few features I think stand out. Demographic segmentation is important if you want to target US players and rest of world. Conversion tracking is very important and I think feedback on your open rates is needed. A/B Testing is equally important as your list starts to grow. This is where you will want to do your own testing on 2 separate emails to see which one performs better.

Individual reviews will be coming in the future plus Part 2 of Email Marketing Reviews. In the next article I will be giving more details into each program including personal testing. I recommend that you sign up to the big 4 because each program gives you tutorials, white papers and more resources for improving your conversions.

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